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1 серия | Ты стерва и это факт! | Оригинал | Gacha Life

[Memories] {GLMV} / Gacha Life Music Video/(200+ subs special 😊) By: Salt Chocolate

Hope you like it And thank you all so much for 200+ subs ❤ Music: Memories.


Ava is pregnant?! At least half of vegetable moms-to-be experience weird pregnancy cravings. Ava couldn't sleep on a Saturday ...

Shatter me & Looking at me GLMV&GLMM

This took along time oof.

[Troublemake]+{Teeth}+《Roxanne(Genderbend)》 Gacha life music video ♡9k Special♡ ¤Please Read desc¤

Thank you for 9k Sub and im sorry for not posting some video this week. Please Like and Subscribe 《Troublemaker》 inspire by it's ...

Darkside , Saints and Devils don’t fly | 3 in 1 GLMV

Music: Darkside - Alan Walker Saints - Echos Devils don't fly - Natalia Kills Have a lovely day :)

My pet is my boyfriend ~ GLMM

Hey everyone, sorry this took about a month (other then my intro video) I had got a new iPad and I was using it and forgot about ...

Strongest • glmv • Gacha life • ( thx for 20k)

Sorry that I have not been posting that often. I am going to try cuz right now am just a Busy. My relationship, family, friends and ...

Strongest & Memories | GLMV | Gacha Life | OC Backstory

If you're reading this, comment “I luv broccoli”

Two Perspectives (Gay Gacha Life Series) All Of S1 & S2

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My Drawing Came To Life Again?! | Gacha Life Mini Movie (Part 2)

When Jess finally tells her friends the truth about her OC drawing coming to life, she finds her magic pencil gone! Will Jess ...

Gacha Stories in a Nutshell 2 (Gacha Life VS Real Life)

Reacting to EVERY Gacha Studio & Gacha Life Story EVER summed up in a nutshell in one video. Including Gacha Life (Logic) vs ...

“His Little Bet...” •Gacha Life Mini Movie•

aCk—- it's finally out, this took me a little longer then expected but it's finally out, please don't ask for “part 2” I don't mean it in a ...

[] Bad Boy With A Heart ❤️ [] GLMM [] Gacha Life Mini Movie []

Welp, here's more content for you to digest! I hope you enjoyed, I wanted to make a mini movie that was at least 15 minutes and I ...

"Truth Or Dare" (GACHA LIFE) Funny Mini Movie | GLMM

Gacha Life Funny Mini Movie Truth Or Dare! Dicky, Angela, Zack, Cloe, Natalie, Kate, Conner, and New OC play Truth or Dare ...

My Demons Power (GLMM) Gacha Life Mini Movie) (read description)

I'm too lazy to make daily videos so I posted 2 today ok bye guys.

《Strongest》|Gacha life|•Glmv•

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